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Post Operative Care

Post Operative Care
Manual Lymph Drainage

Manual Lymph Drainage: (MLD) therapy is often recommended for pre and post-op cosmetic surgery procedures such as liposuction, breast enhancements, and body contouring. In a healthy individual with no medical complications, 6-12 treatments are usually adequate to assist in the healing process. MLD is excellent at relieving the discomfort of swelling and reducing bruising.  Packages of 3 to 12 sessions are available at a reduced rate.

Pre-Op: One to two sessions of MLD treatments are recommended the week before surgery. The increase in lymphatic flow facilitates reabsorption of excess protein, cellular debris and waste that may have accumulated in the interstitial spaces of your skin. MLD promotes detoxification, increases blood flow, facilitates healing, and supports immune system function.

Post-Op: Treatments are recommended post-op, beginning 24-hours after surgery (with your surgeon’s approval). MLD is used to stimulate temporary rerouting of lymph to functional vessels and nodes to reduce swelling. Most important for the post-op patient is the reduction of pain, bruising and edema.

If your physician understands the benefits of MLD, he/she will likely recommend MLD soon after surgery. MLD can be received while drains are still in place and as incisions are healing.

Extended Services: We have experience in treating post-operative plastic surgery clients, who have had  procedures performed in the USA and  abroad.  We provide extended services for those clients that have had surgeries in other states or abroad to include:

  • Drain removal.
  • Wound care and.
  • Manual fluid/seroma drainage.

*Extended services are performed by licensed nurses.* 

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